“My kids really like to work with you and we enjoyed the time spending with you while learning something new and fun. I think you are an excellent speech therapist, also a warm and kind person to be with. We have seen many therapists since (my son) was 2 years old ( 17 now) and you sure are one of the best. We may or may not see you again, nevertheless we will remember you for a long time.”

“Thank you so much! I truly appreciate you going beyond your therapy when the school year ended! I’ve listened a little during your meetings with (my daughter) and think you’re an amazing therapist and care so much about your kids! Thank you again!!”

“(My son) succeeded in having his first teletherapy session with Mr. Smith today for about 40 minutes. I listened in, but didn’t participate. I was VERY impressed with Mr. Smith’s instruction!! It is EXACTLY what (my son) needs – expressive language, articulating the answers to simple comparisons. (My son) just doesn’t TRUST his own answers. Anyway, I was also impressed by the logistics of teletherapy! (My son’s) chromebook speaker and camera don’t work, so I had Mr. Smith set it up on (his) phone. Worked very well today…At a time when e-learning has not worked well for (my son), having the teletherapy be so successful was a real treat!👍 I can also work with (my son) on these skills, now that I know what Mr. Smith is working on. We hope the teletherapy can continue to be part of (my son’s) IEP in future years.”