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“Two weeks before school started we had our full time speech pathologist resign for another position. Needless to say this put our district in a desperate position because speech pathologists are difficult to find. A superintendent in a neighboring district recommended LINKUP TELETHERAPY and I am grateful he did. Working with LINKUP TELETHERAPY has been an excellent experience. Within days of our first contact their representatives were onsite gathering information and rosters they needed to set up the teletherapy program. In addition, they provided guidance on what resources we needed to provide to implement the program. Within two weeks of our initial call we were up and running. The teletherapist they provided has been professional, flexible, and most importantly effective in working with our students. The entire process was turnkey and the customer service and support have been extraordinary. I would recommend LINKUP TELETHERAPY to any district in need of speech services.”

Tim Schurman
District Superintendent

“I would like to express my pleasure with the services our school has received from Linkup Teletherapy.  We were nervous about not having a therapist on site, but we have been nothing but happy about how the service has worked.  Our students are so excited to go to speech everyday because the therapist has engaged them in fun activities.  The service has worked better for us than having our onsite therapist.”

Rob Pipher
District Superintendent/Principal

“LinkUp has been an effective service financially because it’s more affordable than the other companies we’ve seen that offer virtual speech….LinkUp offers consistency through their therapists….when our students see something that is consistent, they are more willing to learn….With the number of staff evaluations that our administrators are required to do, having the ability to not have one extra thing added to their plate has helped. All of the HR and personnel issues are dealt with by (LinkUp) so it’s not a responsibility on the district which frees up the ability to support the students….The personal relationships, the professional relationships that have been developed between the LinkUp staff and our staff has been just a wonderful experience.”

Dr. Gabrielle Schwemmer
District Superintendent

“LinkUp made it a point to come and listen to us. They listened to what our needs were and they developed a plan to fulfill those needs and they’ve come through quite effectively for us. The site visits and making it a point to get to know our students and our families and our speech language pathologist and our special education coordinator has been the most significant difference between LinkUp Teletherapy and the company we’ve used in the past.”

Jon Tallman
District Superintendent


“LinkUp has gone above and beyond to support our district during this challenging school year.  They are positive, professional, and so very easy to work with.  Parents have been extremely pleased with the service provided this year.  Our therapist, Carol, is extremely knowledgeable and professional, reliable, and collaborative with our staff.  The entire process of setting up our service was smooth and seamless, thankfully due to Janet and Tracie.  The service is outstanding and we are so very appreciative!  Highly recommend their team!”

Tracie Bauer
Special Education

“Link-Up Teletherapy goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our students. They provided us with a high quality speech therapist who is able to expertly work with all of our students, as well as build positive relationships with students and staff alike. Link-Up’s customer service is exceptional, making it easy to handle the transition to teletherapy.”

Angela Mahoney
Elementary Principal

“She (LinkUp therapist) is amazing. Parents love her and we would love to have her back.”

Amy Laramore
Elementary Principal

“I have nothing but positive to say (regarding LinkUp therapist), professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Parents have been complimentary as well.”

Scott Beckley
High School Principal

“Evansville is very appreciative of the work Dana has put in. She communicates well with all teachers, parents, and admin. With the Covid-19 closure she has continued helping students where possible. I really appreciate her and her hard work!”

Chris Miesner
Elementary Principal

“Casey brings so much knowledge and expertise to our district and has been an integral team player within our special education department working collaboratively with our other speech and language pathologist. Casey has weekly communication with me and always asks questions if not sure on procedural things tailored specifically to our district. Casey has developed a working relationship and positive rapport with her students and their family. We have enjoyed having Casey as part of our team this school year.”

Amy Howell
Special Education Coordinator

“Special ed in general is so difficult for people to understand who are not in the world…The fact that (linkUp) is owned by people who do speech language and who get it and who understand what those kids need is absolutely the most beneficial.”

Regarding the IEP process: “Justine has a very good relationship with the kids and she knows them. I sit in every IEP and listen and she’ll say little quirky things about them…They (LinkUp therapists) get how to form relationships with parents as well in the IEP meeting.”

Amy Laramore
Elementary Principal


“My kids really like to work with you and we enjoyed the time spending with you while learning something new and fun. I think you are an excellent speech therapist, also a warm and kind person to be with. We have seen many therapists since (my son) was 2 years old ( 17 now) and you sure are one of the best. We may or may not see you again, nevertheless we will remember you for a long time.”

High School Parent

“Thank you so much! I truly appreciate you going beyond your therapy when the school year ended! I’ve listened a little during your meetings with (my daughter) and think you’re an amazing therapist and care so much about your kids! Thank you again!!”

Elementary Parent

“(My son) succeeded in having his first teletherapy session with Mr. Smith today for about 40 minutes. I listened in, but didn’t participate. I was VERY impressed with Mr. Smith’s instruction!! It is EXACTLY what (my son) needs – expressive language, articulating the answers to simple comparisons. (My son) just doesn’t TRUST his own answers. Anyway, I was also impressed by the logistics of teletherapy! (My son’s) chromebook speaker and camera don’t work, so I had Mr. Smith set it up on (his) phone. Worked very well today…At a time when e-learning has not worked well for (my son), having the teletherapy be so successful was a real treat!👍 I can also work with (my son) on these skills, now that I know what Mr. Smith is working on. We hope the teletherapy can continue to be part of (my son’s) IEP in future years.”

Elementary Parent


“LinkUp has been a very eye-opening experience. I’ve never worked in such a caring environment. When I left my previous position due to difficulties with my pumping schedule and wanting to be able to be there for my young daughter, I didn’t know what I would end up doing. When I joined LinkUp at the suggestion of a friend, I was hopeful that I’d have more flexibility and time with my family. I never expected to find a job I loved even more than my precious position. It’s been a breath of fresh air to find a place where I can do such fulfilling work with these students without burning myself out. Everyone at LinkUp has been so friendly and flexible. I’m so thrilled to have taken the leap into teletherapy with LinkUp!”

Becky Coronado
Speech Language Pathologist

“Working for Linkup Teletherapy has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career. The owners, Tracie and Janet, are easy to work with, friendly, and compassionate. I love being able to work from the comfort of my home and still establish relationships with the school personnel and students.”

Lena Henley, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist

“I began working for Tracie and Janet with LinkUp as a virtual speech-language pathologist in August 2021.  Beforehand, finding balance between my professional and personal lives was a frequent feat.  I love being a therapist, but I also thrive on being a mother to my daughter and son.  LinkUp provides me with a flexible schedule, user friendly portal for documentation of services, comparable reimbursement of both direct and indirect services, and full support for ongoing professional growth within multiple states.  I finally feel I’ve found my home –  now with the balanced ability to simultaneously provide effective communicative services to my plethora of students while also being a parent that is both present and active in the lives of my own children.  Words are not fully representative of my continuous gratitude of now being part of the LinkUp family!”

Melinda W. Neal, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist